by Valerio Mattei

Released 2013
Released 2013
Influenced by artists like The Beatles, Sting, Amy Winehouse, features outstading musicians Davide Pannozzo, Eric Daniel and Peter De Girolamo. A homage to the Magic of Inspiration, Meditation and Intention as mentioned by authors like Dr Wayne Dyer.
This record is entirely dedicated to the Spirit.
To be honest, it has been completely conceived and created by the Spirit.
I only had the enormous privilege of letting it flow through me.
I gave up "making" music as I realized I was going nowhere in my life at the age of 30. So I stopped for a while. Then Music came back to me, when I was ready and open. So I started "being" Music, and my artistic journey turned out to be a Spiritual path toward the Truth, Light and Freedom.
This work has been influenced musically by big artists like The Beatles, Sting, Amy Winehouse, Micheal Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many, many others. The lyrics were inspired to many ideas and lectures by authors and Spiritual Guides like Dr Wayne Dyer, Neal Walsch, Osho, Mother Teresa, Carol Wojtyla and many others.